Commercial Video Production Services

Commercial Video Production Services


Whether you need to convey a corporate message, promote a product, or train your staff, a professionally produced video from Sonlight Studios will get your message across in the most effective and convincing way and, what’s more, it will bring you a whole range of other added benefits that you may not have thought of too.


Sonlight Studios is a video production company, based in the heart of Memphis, and we have been supplying the highest quality video production services at competitive prices for more than 25 years.  We can tell your story using the very latest, state of the art, video production technology and provide you with a video that will allow you to promote your business or organization through a wide variety of media platforms.


If you are unsure what a video production specialist like Sonlight Studios could do for your organization and how you could benefit from a video production, here are just some of the reasons that video is fast becoming the advertising and marketing medium that leading businesses and non-profit organizations alike are turning to as their preferred way to get their message across to the widest possible audience.


A video is far more effective than text

Most people would far rather watch a few minutes of a well-produced video than read through pages and pages of text. A well-made video from a professional video production company like Sonlight Studios will engage viewers with both visual and audio cues and retain their attention for much longer than written words would. In a world where people hop from one website to another in a matter of seconds, a video could be just the thing to keep them on your website long enough for them to really appreciate the message you are attempting to convey.


Video is much more personal

People like to deal with people, not faceless corporations, and that’s just what a good video service will allow your customers and prospects to do. When you use our video production services, we will work with you to help you explain, not only your product or service, but also convey the ethos and the personality of your organization.  That personal touch could be an important differentiator between you and your competitors.


Videos increase conversion rates

Video and film productions have been proven to increase conversion rates. When someone watches a short promotional video, they are very likely to retain the information they have learned for much longer than if they had simply skim-read a piece of text. They are also much more likely to then go on and look for more information about the organization or the product that they have just viewed in a video.


Video makes it easier to demonstrate products or services

There is no doubt that seeing a product or service in action is far more convincing than simply reading about it. People have become wary of sales and marketing messages, but if they can see something for themselves, they are far more likely to believe it. A video production will let you connect with your potential customers and show them exactly how they can benefit by dealing with your organization.


A video will build brand awareness

Videos are easily shared on social media sites and via email and that will provide you with the opportunity to have your brand and your message spread to a much wider audience than other forms of marketing could ever hope to achieve. When a video is shared, it is an endorsement, and third party recommendations are far more persuasive than any other form of advertising.


A video will help your website rank better in Google

A part of the algorithm, that Google and other search engines used to rank a website, is based upon the length of time that visitors stay on the site and a video is a sure way to keep visitors interested for longer. A video is also a way to make your website look more visually appealing, because you can convey a complex message in a fraction of the space that a lengthy text description would take up.


A high quality video will keep you one step ahead of your competitors

Having a high quality video produced by a professional video production company will also make your organization stand out from the crowd. The care, effort and technical expertise that Sonlight Studios put into their video and film productions will ensure that you will receive a video that demonstrates to your customers and prospective customers that you too are an organization that is committed to quality.


Video is cost effective

Promotional videos are an extremely cost effective form of advertising. One video can be published on your website, added to your Facebook profile, distributed on memory sticks as a corporate gift, shown at corporate events and presentations, emailed, aired in local cinemas, and published on YouTube too. Unlike printed brochures and handouts, a video will never fade and it will never need replenishing, so an investment that you make today could last you for many years to come.


Sonlight Studios are the premier video and film production Company in Memphis and we take immense pride in the work we do. Each and every one of our clients, large or small, is important to us and we understand that when you employ the services of a video production company, you need a company that you can trust.


If you’d like to know more about how Sonlight Studios can help get your organization’s message across through a professionally made video, please do contact us by calling (901) 485-6039 or, if you prefer, complete the contact form and we will get right back to you.

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